How Freight Brokers Can Generate New Leads

As a new Freight Broker, the process of building your book of business is a daunting task. Many can go months without securing a single customer. While there are many ways that a Broker can generate new freight leads, the most effective source is from a “List Provider”.

A List Provider basically provides a list of companies that are likely to be truckload freight shippers. This list will contain at least the following information:

  • Business name
  • Phone number
  • Mailing address
  • Key contact name/information
  • Industry type

These lists are an excellent tool for new Freight Brokers because it allows them to focus all of their time on marketing, and not looking for new leads. For a reasonable price, a Freight Broker can purchase a list of almost 2,000 shipper leads! This saves countless hours to instead master the craft of cold calling and marketing.

A notable Freight Broker Lead Provider is Freight Lead Pass whom offers lists of pre-qualified truckload and LTL shipper leads. “These lists provide an excellent value for freight brokers that are just entering the business” says Blago K, the founder of Freight Lead Pass. Lists are available in quantities of 2,5000 leads. In addition, brokers can opt to target their list in a specific region for a nominal fee.

Freight Lead Pass currently has a promotion running where you can receive 10 free leads by email just for subscribing to their newsletter.

Some marketing processes that can be used with a shipper list from Freight Lead Pass include:

  • Cold calling
  • Direct marketing
  • Mailing lists

The most effective tool that a Freight Broker has for generating new shipper business is their telephone. Even in an age of technology, cold calling is still the most effective way of generating new business for a Freight Broker. With a list from Freight Lead Source, you can have key contact information, executive names, phone numbers, and other pertinent information that will help gain you a competitive edge when picking up the phone.

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