Freight Auctions: This Changes Everything About Freight Rates

Oversize Load Windmill BladeRemember what eBay did to the antique marketplace? If not, before eBay, you couldn’t find an antique, and if you did it was very expensive. Now, there are 142 of them on eBay. The same thing that cost $500 in 2005 you can now find all day long for $10 on eBay. Well, the same thing is happening in freight shipping in the trucking industry. Thanks to a TV show called A&E’s Shipping Wars, you can now auction your freight off to the lowest bidder! This changes everything.

The cool thing about the show is the crazy stuff they have to haul. Some of the best heavy-haulers in the business are involved. The whole concept is a big idea from, the world’s largest online auction for independent truckers and small fleet owners.

The show started in 2012, and since then freight rates are down. However, boundaries are also being pushed in the heavy-haul arena. Trailers are getting bigger, oversize loads are getting more over-sized than ever. Those kinds of challenges are never cheap, even when auctioned off to the lowest bidder.

When it comes to “regular” freight, that is truckload, and LTL, there has never been a better time to ship anything than right now, even huge-dimension freight.

Freight Rates are all about supply-and-demand.

We see this all the time- freight rates go up and down according to market conditions. When the economy is rocking, the freight shipping industry, and trucking in general are rocking as well.

But there’s another aspect of supply-and-demand, according to the trucking side. And that is, location. If there are 25-loads coming out of Chicago, and none going back, that’s a problem. Now that uShip’s auction site is so huge, there are literally loads everywhere.

Just like eBay saturated the market with a huge supply of antiques and everything else, uShip (who coincidentally also capitalizes their second letter), saturated the market with independent truckers and trucking companies who were willing to haul for a little less money.

Personally, we have been doing business with uShip for about two years now, and we have never been happier. We highly recommend them for shipping any kind of freight, big or small.

We also recommend them to truckers. Yeah, the pay is a bit low sometimes, but they have freight coming out of everywhere, so now you can find a load in places where you used to not be able to. Next time your truck is empty in Colorado, instead of deadheading back to Texas, you’ll probably find a load from uShip.

If you are in the business of shipping, give them a try. You can use the Free Shipping Rate Quote calculator right here.

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